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Finkonia is the producer of high quality goods from linen. Eating utensils and bathing linen accessories are produced in our sewing room in Rauma city. We make goods from pure linen fabric of the producer, who is one of the world leaders on linen production. Apart from the finished products we offer high quality linen fabric and semi-linen fabric of any intended purpose. We believe you will be able to find here high quality textile products you need.

Punainen pellavapitsi PEP4006

Pellavapitsi Leveys: 2,5 cm. ± 2 mm. Väri: punainen. ...

Linen fabric : PEP4006

Punainen pellavapitsi PEP4721

Musta pitsinauha PEP 4721. Koostumus: 100% ...

Linen fabric : PEP4721P

Reunpitsi valkoinen PEP1046

Pitsinauha Leveys: 3,1 cm. +- 1 mm. Koostumus: 100 % ...

Linen fabric : PEP1046

Tuplaleveä kivipesty harmaa pellavakangas

Harmaa kivipesty 100% pellavakangas. Kivipestyt kankaat ...

Linen fabric : GSW191DW

Tuplaleveä kivipesty vaaleanharmaa pellavakangas

Vaaleanharmaa kivipesty 100% pellavakangas. Kivipestyt ...

Linen fabric : SW191LW
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